What Is CalmConnect?

Nancy Lawton-Shirley, OTR: An Important Program in Clinic and at Home

CalmConnect Sample Sequence

CalmConnect Sample Sequence

CalmConnect is not like any other program.

CalmConnect is a patented system containing a series of short (3 – 5 minute) video sequences designed to quickly and effectively calm the nervous system and build a bridge to the social world. 

Drawing in part from relational neuroscience, CalmConnect is the first program to operationalize research into the polyvagal theory of trauma, the social pain overlap theory, mirror neurons and emotional contagion, audiovisual synchrony, rhythmicity, and social connectedness.

Each video features people of varied ages and ethnicities, combined with music, patterns, and movements written and designed specifically for the program; without using any speech or language. CalmConnect is not about movement or learning a new skill, but simply being engaged in the activity, which might mean rocking back and forth or remaining still to watch a sequence.

CalmConnect was originally released as MeMoves in 2010, with additional versions later released as LifeMoves and MoreMeMoves. The content of all three programs in now included in CalmConnent. The programs are used all over the world in more than 10,000 school districts, in long-term care, hospitals, behavioral health centers, cognitive care and homes.

CalmConnect is only available via digital streaming and includes 29 sequences, divided into 6 categories: rise, joy, calm, focus, clarity, and rest. In addition, CalmConnect users are able to create their own playlist, consisting of their favorite sequences.