Download Guide

How to Download MeMoves


The Flux Player app allows you to view MeMoves content on your computer or mobile device. Download Flux Player on each device that will play MeMoves. Download links for each operating system are below.

Mac (OS X)

Download Flux Player from the following link, install it, go to the applications folder start the App and sign in inside the player. Requires Intel based Mac OS X 10.7 or newer.

Download Flux Player

PC (Windows)

Use the browser on your PC (Intel/AMD based Windows XP or newer) and enter the following link to install Flux Player. After installing sign in.

Download Player

Android tablets and phones

Use your Android device to open Google Play, install Flux Player and sign in.

Download Flux Player

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Use your device (iOS 8 or newer) to open the AppStore, install Flux Player and sign in.

Download Flux Player


Once installed, Flux Player will look like this (may vary depending on type of computer).


Under the Account tab, sign in with your username and password. Once signed in, MeMoves will begin to download. It may take a few minutes for both the video and audio to fully download.


You will only need to sign into your account once to download the MeMoves content. Once MeMoves is downloaded, simply open the Flux Player and enjoy. For additional help, contact priohealth at [email protected].