What Is MoreMeMoves?

MoreMeMoves Sample Sequence

MoreMeMoves complements and expands upon the original MeMoves program currently used in more than 5,000 school districts across the United States and Canada. MoreMeMoves builds on what you know and love about MeMoves with new music, twelve new sequences and dozens of new, smiling faces ready to greet individuals and classrooms. MoreMeMoves is ready for use in your home, clinic or school.

MoreMeMoves has more content (50 minutes compared to 36 minutes in MeMoves) and a larger cast of happy faces (MoreMeMoves consists of 50 different people of all ages, while MeMoves includes 40). Combined with all new music and over a dozen new movements, MoreMeMoves is everything you love about MeMoves…and more.

For those of you already using MeMoves, MoreMeMoves’ sequences were designed to integrate seamlessly with those found on MeMoves.

MoreMeMoves is available in the same formats (USB, digital download and DVD for home use) as MeMoves, and starts at only $149, with school/building licenses available. Special pricing is in place for MeMoves/MoreMeMoves bundles for only $199!