Significantly improves sleep.

Increases social engagement for those in care settings.

Decreases anxiety and depression.

Everyday LifeMoves

LifeMoves helps me sleep through the night. Before LifeMoves I was only sleeping 2-3 hours at a time, but since using LifeMoves I am able to get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.”

Therapists love the way LifeMoves greatly improves patient results.

My patient’s fear and anxiety about falling had increased and she would tell me, “I can’t do it!” I used LifeMoves to calm her. After watching she walked 10 feet, then 21 feet. The effects are immediate.”

— Lauren, PT

LifeMoves Sample Sequence

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“I use this program every day and have yet to see anyone who doesn’t love it and benefit. I have looked at dozens of programs for relaxation, breathing, imagery, etc. and LifeMoves is still far and away the best one. We use LifeMoves as a component in an integrative approach to hospitalized patients and in our integrative medicine outpatient practice. I also recommend it for home use as a tool to help quiet the mind and body.”

Timothy Culbert, MD, FAAP

Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrician Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at PrairieCare Medical Group (affiliated with the University of MN) , PrairieCare Medical Group (affiliated with the University of MN)

“I have been an Occupational Therapist for 38 years. I
have worked with people of various abilities and disabilities, ranging in age from 3 months to 101 years, and across clinical settings to include an acute care setting (hospital), nursing home (pediatric), nursing home (geriatric), home care (pediatric and geriatric) and school settings.

In all that time, and across all ages, settings, and abilities, the key component of successful therapy intervention is for the client to be able to focus on treatment. Without focus, learning cannot take place,
and re-learning (rehabilitation) is compromised. The brain requires focus to hard-wire neurons in order to get reliable, automatic cognitive and motor responses to the environment.

Research tells us that a precursor to focus is stress reduction to a manageable level. Research also tells us that slow, repetitive, and rhythmic sensation calms the nervous system.

I am very happy to see LifeMoves as a product specifically for the adult population. I can envision
it being used in a variety of rehab settings. Following illness or injury, movement 
is stressful both emotionally and physically. Patients are nervous about re-injury, pain, and the unknown future of recouping their previous level of function. Some will re-injure themselves in their eagerness to recover. Others will not reach their potential out of fear. LifeMoves can be used in both areas to help clients stay calm and focused.

Obviously, I am a big fan
of your product. I believe its simplicity, rhythmic music
and movement, friendly faces, and visual effects combine to create an incredible experience for those who use it!”

Sharon Gregoire OTR/L

Autism Specialist, Edina Schools President, Rehabilitation Services/Therapy Solutions

“The apparent simplicity of this program can be deceptive, but the results of frequent or even intermittent use are quite startling. Clinically we are noting changes in calm state, social interaction, expressive language, attention, behavioral organization and imitation, and group unity.”

Eileen W. Richter, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA

Founder of Professional Development Programs at Richter Active Integration Resources, Co-Founder of Avanti-Camp Icoghowan


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